ASTM F1487-17

CPSC Guidelines #325

Cherry Valley

Product Specifications

  • PFA011
  • 2-12 Years
  • 35 - 44
  • Fully Accessible
  • 48"
  • 4.5 inch

ADA Accessibility ADA compliant

  • 9 Components
  • 10 Components
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Product Description

Safety Zone: 48′ x 50′

The Cherry Valley is a commercial-grade playground structure within the Fully Accessible product line. Entries in this installation series are designed to facilitate play by children of multiple ages and allow usability by kids of all physical abilities. The structure is composed of an expansive ramp that lets wheelchairs easily roll into and along its length, as well as completely turn around. Cherry Valley is punctuated by three hexagonal decks, each of which is decorated with enthralling activities. These include a classic Tic Tac Toe Panel for impromptu matches, a silly Plinko Panel, and an enigmatic Ball Maze Panel. There are additional games and interactive features on the ground level, like a Rain Wheel that simulates the sounds of a downpour and an imagination inducing Ship’s Wheel that’s perfect for future seafarers.