Outdoor Classrooms

Provide a comfortable place to sit while the children are learning. Check out our outdoor classroom package, designed with social distancing in mind. Offering enough space to provide in-person instruction now that social distancing guidelines call for at least six feet of space between people or fewer than 11 persons in a room, fresh air and ventilation, and expanded access to in-person instruction.


Provide parents a comfortable place to sit while their children are playing. Playground benches are essential to round out the overall design of the park. Look through our huge selection of products, including a variety of colors, sizes, and styles to match the theme of your playground. Commercial outdoor benches improve the function and comfort of every play area.

Bicycle Racks

A commercial bicycle rack is an important feature near every playground or schoolyard. Children love to ride their bikes to the park, but they need a safe place to lock the bikes to prevent theft. Outdoor bike racks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, offering a touch of style to the yard. Free-standing bicycle rack designs include N-styles, M-styles, two or three loops, or you can choose serpent-style bike racks if you prefer.

Metal Picnic Tables

Families can gather around picnic tables to create memories that will last a lifetime. The picnic table is a popular choice because it gives everyone an opportunity to participate in the conversation while sitting at the table. These metal picnic tables are designed with a variety of shapes, colors and sizes, as well as the best safety features in the industry. Whether it’s for your school playground, apartment complex or an industrial picnic table is a great way to encourage people to spend more time outside.

Outdoor Umbrellas & Shade Structures

Minimize the risk of UV exposure by providing a shady place to relax during the heat of the day. Not only will people enjoy the shade, but the cover can also be helpful to minimize the fading that occurs on outdoor furniture over time. These outdoor umbrellas can be mounted to be placed on the ground directly, or they can be located in the middle of a picnic table.

Patio Tables

Create a comfortable, beautiful outdoor dining experience with patio tables and chairs. This equipment is smaller than traditional outdoor picnic tables, so they are most commonly used in private, residential settings. The portable bases on the patio tables make it easy to move the outdoor furniture around as needed.

Pet Products

A pet playground creates a fun area where owners can take their dogs to socialize and play. Fixtures include a range of options, such as hoop jumps, benches, wastebaskets, tables, and dog park supplies that are needed. Don’t forget to include signs to remind dog owners about the rules and local laws, as well as designated areas where people can dispose of waste when picking up after their dogs.

Trash Receptacles

Trash bins are essential if you want to keep the park comfortable and clean. Not only do we provide quality playground equipment, but we also offer commercial equipment such as trash cans, signs, and more. Garbage receptacles keep children and families safe by providing a convenient location for trash and recyclables. A variety of features are available, such as surface mounts to reduce the risk of damage or theft.

Miscellaneous Amenities

Consider supporting amenities that are needed to ensure the safety and quality of your playground. These items include surface mount clamps to keep the picnic tables in place, as well as park grills, lantern posts, surface mount covers, golf range dividers, and more. Quality is in the details, helping you create the perfect playground for children to enjoy.