ASTM F1487-17

CPSC Guidelines #325

Freestanding Skylight Trunk Crawler

Product Specifications

  • PFS024
  • 2-12 Years
  • Crawl Tubes & Bridges
  • 3.5 inch
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Product Description

Safety Zone: 16′ 7″ x 17′ 7″

The Freestanding Skylight Trunk Crawler is a small tunnel structure with a woodland theme which makes it resemble a hollowed-out log. The plastic pieces are molded with detailed patterns that resemble natural tree rings and wooden planks. The tunnel has a skylight above it which lets in some extra light, and provides enough space for children to comfortably stand up and look around. This makes the tunnel a cozy place for a child to hang out for a moment, if others aren’t using it. This is a free standing item which does not need any additional structures to help support it.